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Xher and Tobi’s wishes for Basti

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Captain Pizzaro

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what mario gomez really thinks.. [asked by nagisa-okazaki]

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"In watching Klose over the last four tournaments, every goal he has scored has been less about himself and more of a means to an end - a result that wouldn’t arrive until what was likely his final match in a Germany shirt. But when it did, Klose sat stoically, alone on the German bench. At full-time, cameras panned to the German goal machine as he sat motionless next to the pitch. With his medal around his neck, he put his hands to his face while staring blankly at an empty field where his international career likely ended. Like his ability to fly under the radar at this World Cup edition, Klose seemed to act as though what had just happened was inexplicable. At his age, following four World Cup tournaments, the game’s greatest scorer had finally scored the final prize - a fitting end to a legendary career that was easy to miss if you didn’t take pause to realize World Cup greatness was in our midst."

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oh Toni… 

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It’s official. Luis Suarez from Liverpool to Barcelona for £88 million.

A player banned from all football activity joining a club banned from transfer activity. Another masterpiece by the FIFA.


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Germany NT @ World Cup 2014 in Brazil

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The allure of the rags-to-riches storyline often distracts people from the broken-family storyline, which shaped Suarez most of all. His father abandoned them, and Suarez, entering his teen years, started skipping practice, drinking, staying out late. He was lost. His coach often went into Suarez’s home to drag his striker to practice. He played with all of the rage fans see today, but none of the determination, and none of the grace. Luis Suarez was wasting his life.

Then, when he was 15, he met a girl. x

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